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Anonymous asked: hello! i honestly find it amazing that artists can draw n do everything on one layer, i find it amazingly hard!! can you maybe explain how you do it?? thanks in advanced!

uhh well i normally start off using layers for colouring and shading real quick but then i flatten and just clean up everything using either the brush tool or the pen tool on sai and that’s kinda it really…

there are times where i don’t use layers at all but normally i start off with layers and just flatten the pic

i have a youtube with some vids of my process though?

sdkjfsldk sorry idk how to explain it really but i hope the vids shed some light on it a bit…

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my wife once again

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kkirkspock asked: what is your fr?? if u dont mind my looking i guess,, i joined like 3 days ago i want to see ur dragons omg

i’m yiq on there

i have so many dragons sdlkfksd tryin real hard not to buy anymore because there are quite a few i haven’t even named yet…

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my girl leer again

i’m listening to the drakengard ost can u tell

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hello good morning

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i got an alien zap on one of my two labrats >:3c

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stfu god damn

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ohofcourse replied to your post: wanted to draw my current gaia avatar …

what is your gaia name! can you show your avatar?

it’s miphi but i don’t very much play at all unless i feel like playing dress up heh

i just noticed i forgot the strawberry but oh well

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wanted to draw my current gaia avatar but i got bored half way ppbbt

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happy draw a centaur day >:^))))))))))

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