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still holding onto that shred of hope that ffxiv will add bangaa so i can be a cute pugilist bangaa 8’^)))))))))

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sylphofvoid asked: I love your monsters and non human creatures!! Do you have any general tips for drawing/ designing monsters?

tips! uh well, i generally just look at other monsters from stuff i enjoy with designs i enjoy and try to implement that sorta feel to my own designs usually?? there’s no shame in getting inspired by a character in a game or something and enjoying the design and pinpointing exactly WHY you enjoy the design so much (as long as you know…you ain’t straight up copying them) and try to implement that kinda look or feel into your own monster critter. I really like monsters who are faceless/eyeless, large arms and hands, body horror stuff like extra mouths/eyes/limbs/etc, lots of horns

these things reoccur in my designs because they’re my favorites and because monsters in stuff i enjoy have these sorta stuff in their designs.

ie off the top of my head, i really like the monsters like gigginox,double head and closer from sh3, and eve from parasite eve.

i also try to just splice different animals together! or do my own twist on a mythological animal like a griffon ie instead of a hawk or eagle maybe a vulture and their lower half could be a tiger ?? i do that sorta thing a lot too heheh…idk i play around a lot and just design things for the heck of it half the time!

i hope…that helps sorta idk i’m not really the best at giving tips on things

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pixbull asked: im laughin thank u for posting that ask it made my day. also genderqueer trev 4ev


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Anonymous asked: I just love the people who come to your blog and spew crap about how 'it's such a shame ur so talented' followed by the stuff you stand for like it's actually their business or their problem lmao what do they honestly expect a fucking cookie??

it’s funny to me because they’re taking the time to come to me and bug me or reblog my stuff to say shit and complaining about how MEAN i am to poor cis dudes and all it’s doing is stroking my ego :/

keep it up assholes, all you’re doing is jackin’ my ego

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herseparatehalves asked: just a psa, making things saying "misandry" and "cisphobia" just makes you look like a complete jerk and portraits of men saying "cut here" are really immature ways to battle the patriarchy. :I oh well, just too bad because your actual work is pretty good and you have a lot of talent that you're wasting on drivel that gives feminists a bad name~

i wasn’t even going to give this a response because you’re a waste of time but


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Anonymous asked: how long do you normally take to finish comissions? :"D

uhh depends on what it is and how many i’m taking aha

when its pixel icon commissions i usually take about 20 and it takes me a week and a half or 2 weeks to finish them all

if it’s a painty thing i normally take 2-3 and that takes me a week and a half to finish or less depending on my drive

i really need to improve my speed on finishing commission though, I feel slow …

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i don’t draw trevor gross enough i’m sorry lol………….

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Anonymous asked: hello! i honestly find it amazing that artists can draw n do everything on one layer, i find it amazingly hard!! can you maybe explain how you do it?? thanks in advanced!

uhh well i normally start off using layers for colouring and shading real quick but then i flatten and just clean up everything using either the brush tool or the pen tool on sai and that’s kinda it really…

there are times where i don’t use layers at all but normally i start off with layers and just flatten the pic

i have a youtube with some vids of my process though?

sdkjfsldk sorry idk how to explain it really but i hope the vids shed some light on it a bit…

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my wife once again

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