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slime--king said: you are extremely cute :n)


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southernrabbot said: Major qt alert.

ooh shucks hheheh ty!

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another yiq stitch [like part of a series now], this time their son Lamar and bby Chop and f.y.i. if u don’t love Lamar Davis then i feel sorry for u [so sorry for u]

MY SON!!!! oh man, thank you so much yet again for such a lovely cross stitch!! aa i’m so happy!! /)// v //(\

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diedeadied said: hi bec!! i wanted to ask you how you felt abt people using your art as reaction images bc i saw someone used the last panel of your cool angry nub animal comic & i was wondering if that was sth i should tell you about

hmm well I don’t really mind that I guess?? or at least from that comic anyway??

if people thought it was funny and wanted to use the last panel from it as a silly reaction image I guess I don’t really mind that too much…

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there’s some 6 selfie thing going around i think so it’s the perfect excuse to show my face i guess??

sorry i’m not at all photogenic, my selfie game is Weak and my webcam is crud but at least you can put a face to my blog now huh

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signal boost please

I beg you to signal boost this, please

(via jouo)

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going on a bit of a hiatus and by that i mean taking a break from posting certain things here because enough of you are insufferable and piss me off by removing my captions or tagging my personal characters as ME and other such nonsense that really upsets me

sorry to all the friendly folks who enjoy my work and aren’t disrespectful!

i’ll probably still post fanart or stuff for people every once in a while but i wont be posting any more personal art for a good bit

again, sorry for being a pooper but i’m really really tired of this behavior and hopefully once i start posting personal stuff again it wont bother me as much as it does now because people will continue to do these things anyway

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i wanted to make a heartlessona because if any of you don’t know yet I am a sucker for sonas

top one is the regular colour scheme and the bottom one is the final mix version >:^y

edit-  i forgot to mention the world i would be in is a bug’s life i guess heheh

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whoops one more thing

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